Adroit Creations

Software solutions made with local government, for local government.

Choosing a new vendor always comes with the question: “Will they meet my needs, or will they just add more pain?”

Working through this can be a time consuming and costly experience – especially if you get it wrong.

Some vendors are great at some things and yet fail miserably at others.

So why Adroit Creations?

Because if we are not going to be great at it, we’ll tell you.

We want ‘passionate users’ of our products because we think that’s the way relationships work.

Because if you love what we do, it makes everything easier. For us and for you.

If we don’t think our solutions are best for you, we’ll tell you.

Get to know us

For more information on who we are and what we do, download the document below. It is essentially most of the information we submitted to join the Local Government Association Procurement of South Australia (LGAP) Vendor Panel. We were successful in this application and we have no problem sharing our information with you.

Download the PDF

You’ll also notice our pricing structure is not complicated. That’s because we want to make things simpler and easier for our clients. Our vision is to provide solutions that work, create genuine value, and have clients that never want to leave (although of course they can, as we don’t enforce any crazy locked-in contracts).

Try us

If you are interested in a free demonstration of our online timesheet and leave management solution, elementTIME, book a time and day that suits you.

Or just get in touch with us.

We hope that we can help you create something great. Soon.

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