Feedback / Performance review

  • You are busy. We are busy. So lets not muck around.

    We know we are not perfect, we don't get it right and we over commit to things, we don't have enough resource and we do a crap job at sales. But we know this and are working to fix it...

    So what this massive survey gives you the chance to tell us is what we can do better in 2019...for you.

    Because we don't know everything and if we don't know then...well we don't know. So tell us what and how you would like us to be more awesome in as many words as you would like.

  • Missed deadlines, meetings, silly unprofessional surveys? Let it all out - we don't have egos in this - we just want to make sure as we grow we grow in the right ways.
  • Anything is valid - we won't judge.
  • We won't know this is from you unless you want us to know. So if you do, add your email address.
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