Low cost, pain free and quick to implement. The multi-award winning automated online burn-off solution developed with our innovative development partner Yorke Peninsula Council is now available to other Councils.

In the world of delivering IT to the government sector, doing things differently can simply mean delivering a solution that works first time, quickly, at low cost, and is readily available for other councils to implement easily.

That’s exactly what we did when York Peninsula Council in South Australia asked us to help them create an online solution to manage their burn-off notification process at the start of the 2017 season. With only two weeks to create a solution and very limited budget, there was no time to muck around.

We created an online dynamic web application to check date, close times, public holidays and fire status through API, built a location picker using google maps that allows locations to be selected without tying to  physical addresses or land parcels, and created automatic real time displays of data for different users – from public, to emergency services to council staff. Basically, everyone sees the data that is relevant to them.


Together we were able to quickly and effectively turn a previously troublesome system into one Councils can essentially set and forget – it will even automatically activate for each burn season. So, on time, in budget, removes pain, and smart. This is the sweet spot for us.


Yorke Peninsula has since been recognised for their innovative use of technology for this web-based burn-off notification system, and received the award for the Best New Initiative at the Local Government Authorised Person’s Association seminar in May this year and more recently in the David and Goliath category — designed to recognise an initiative which delivers outstanding benefits at the recent Local Government Information Technology South Australia awards.

According to Yorke Peninsula CEO, Andrew Cameron, “the 2017 burn-off season ran extremely smoothly with more than 55% of local farmers using the online tool to notify of their intention to burn.

Because of the success and the amount of pain this solves Yorke Peninsula Council we have decided to release this product to all Councils as cost effectively as possible.

The more data it can collect the more beneficial this service can be to Councils and the emergency services. This is a tool that allows emergency services when receiving a call about a fire to quickly check in real time if the fire has been notified and covered under valid permit. They also have access via secure login to all relevant details from ignition time to contact details in one place.

Even though each Council has their own individual instance with the integration to the emergency services master view the more Councils using the solution the more data can be aggregated in one place. This means dealing with queries about burn offs becomes easier and more cost effective  for everyone.

Because sometimes solutions should not just be about making profit. They should be about making life better and the easier it is for Councils to sign up for fires.elementorg.com the more benefit there is to everyone. From public to Councils to Emergency Services.

Because lets face it. 

Making life easier for Councils and Emergency Services when it comes to managing burn off and fire data – that is a win for everyone.


Sign your Council up today to be part of a solution – and something great.