It’s no secret that we believe in changing the way IT is implemented and licenced for government, but we also think the traditional support model that most councils are stuck with could improve – a lot. We think it’s about time IT companies take back the responsibility of fixing their own products – without charging the organisation for the error. We work hard in this area to make sure our clients are freed up to do their jobs, not worry about their software. 

That is why we provide in-built product support for free, and that it’s why are happy to share our support stats openly. 

For the last month our ‘free for all users in-application support’ for elementTIME had a median response time of 37 minutes, based on 95.7% of new conversations, and with 100% of feedback rating the conversations with? or ?

This month we want to get the response time down and heart eyes up. 

Come join us and see how support can be.