We are really pleased to announce that we have recently been selected by the Local Government Association Procurement (LGAP) of South Australia to join their Vendor Panel. This is exciting for us as we are now one of a handful of suppliers that have been approved by the LGAP to provide Information & Communication Technology to their 78 local government members.

To join the Vendor Panel we went through the LGAP RFT process which means that in the future the member organisations can avoid the RFP process and can select from the panel of approved suppliers. The process has been done for them and speeds things up.

The aim of the Vendor Panel is to provide SA councils and local government entities with access to a high quality, relevant range of ICT goods and services while providing cost-effective services that users perceive as offering value for money. This suits us to a “T”. We are all about providing the best value we can while we truly solve the problem you have.

Our products are all designed to alleviate key pain points that local government organisations are experiencing. And, unlike many IT solutions for local government, our products are quick to implement, easy to use, low cost to run and maintain, and are affordable with ongoing product support included in the price.

We’re looking forward to helping remove the pain that SA government organisations are experiencing with their timesheet, leave and payroll management, their training needs analysis, and the capture and reporting of data in general across their organisation, to name just a few.